Construction consulting

In our view, construction consulting are sufficiently commonplace that it should be standard practice to have resolution processes in place on a project from the start. This would mean the ability to monitor and find solutions during the construction process until finishing and handover. To ensure that the project owner feel rely that the project will complete with quality standard outcome.

Work process steps:

Survey and Design
* Civil, Structural, Electrical & Mechanical Engineering works
* Architecture & Interior Design works
* Drawing 2D CAD Drafting & 3D Modeling works
* Design Calculations, Surveying and Cost Estimating (BoQ) works
* Material QA/QC works
* Inspecting / technical assessment works

Construction work onsite
* Structural Work monitoring onsite
* Material QA/QC inspection onsite
* Engineering documentation inspection with contractor
* Consulting the contractor to follow the drawing strictly
* Work progress estimation documentation work

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