About the Company


is 100 percentage local business company founded by Mr. Soulat LUENAM who graduated in faculty of architecture engineer and experiences in both architectural and civil work fields over 18 years.


Director Message


At LNDCLAOAS, we believe that an ethical approach is the core value of our organization that goes right to the of everything we stand for. Ethical values are evident in very interaction with our employees, customers, suppliers and members of the public. Our business model is to integrate our core disciplines to deliver better project solution across the chosen market areas.

We do best of the diverse talents, skills and background at LNDCLAOS. Working together, we make a positive difference and continue to make sure that every project we do is on the standard. Whether it is the construction of a high rise building to multiple residential villas, hotel, schools, hospital ….etc.

We believe in building long lasting business relationships with our clients and at LNDCLAOS, each and every client is important. Our relationships are built on trust and integrity, providing the best services. I am proud of the dedicated and ambitious team of professionals at LNDCLAOS and would like to thank our clients for putting their trust in us and would ensure them that we at LNDCLAOS, shall continue to  “outperform targets” and deliver par excellence quality and solutions.  

                 LNDCLAOS comprises of 3 regal licenses formally issued by the Ministry of Public Works and Transport of Lao PDR to supply the services in survey, design, construction, renovation and consultation in every provinces in LAO PDR regally. 


1. Luenam Construction and Renovate Co., Ltd                       Established in 2018.

2. Luenam Survey Design Co., Ltd Established in 2020.

3. Luenam Consultant Construction Sole Co., Ltd Established in 2022.

Why Choosing us !

With our portfolio of past projects, you will find that you can work together with us and design almost any type of property that you desire. From a spacious and breathtaking landed property to a compact yet eye-popping prefabricated building and containers, House, Villa, Hotel, School, Hospital, etc… we offer a variety of affordable packages that will definitely be within your budget.  As an design & build company, we want to make sure that you know what you are getting when you decide to work with us. We make sure that our services are budget-friendly and remain as some of the most affordable picks around.

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